Sample for Scratch Card Printing

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Author : Jiezhong
Update time : 2019-08-01 15:15:02
      It seems that scratch card printing is very easy, actually it’s a complex production process. Since product features leads to many crafts of scratch card printing can’t totally display by photos, and  customers feel the difference between real products and photos for companies polish the pictures. So many customers hope to learn real products by samples and make final decision.

      At present, custom scratch cards printing suppliers all provide samples, but most of them charge sample fee. Luckily, our
company will return the fee if you place orders of suitable quantity. There are many scratch card printing wholesaler on the market, and the profit is less and less. But for sincerity, we still want you to learn our real scratch cards by sample regardless the cost. We have confidence that you will place orders once receiving the sample, and believe that our cooperation is long-lasting and pleasant.

     Any interest in sample please inquire our salesmen. They’re ready to serve for you at any time!
   Guangzhou Jiezhong Smart Card Co.,Ltd. specializes in variable data printing with various materials and application, including scratch card printing, pvc card printing.
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